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Why is empathy important in a UX process?

Within the process of designing a digital platform, there are a series of steps that are important to follow in order to achieve a successful final result. If the objective is to create or redesign a product, the first thing to do is to research and observe, as it is essential to obtain as much information as possible. There are different methods that can be used to establish a logical solution to every specific situation; Design Thinking is one of them.  Design Thinking is a tool that has existed for a while now. One of its main characteristics is the profoundly human focus given to the encountered problems. It uses the intuition to interpret what is observed and consequently, develop emotionally significant ideas. It aligns the human needs with what is technologically feasible, through a non linear iterative methodology, similar to the one used by designers.  The importance here, it 's not really the technique, but the application, as it positions the user in the center of the pr