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UX/UI Trends 2021

Design world is changing constantly and it is important to know the new trends that affect our products and services. Users use tens of websites daily, so it is necessary that our website adapts to the market and user needs. Furthermore, these trends generate a big impact on basic concepts of user experience like usability, accessibility, flows, etc… Remember, each pixel matters.  We want to show you some trends that started this year and will continue to be the main axis of digital platforms: Login without passwords. Passwords are normally necessary in a login process but they can also be a problem when users need to use lowercase, uppercase, special characters, numbers, etc… it can generate frustration. New possibilities are emerging, for example, face authentication, PIN code or fingerprints. UX Writing. The impact of UX Writing is higher. Companies have increased their conversion rate and customer engagement thanks to the implementation of changes in the way that they communicate

Similarities between a doctor and a design

  Is there a relationship between a doctor and a designer? This is something that perhaps many of you may be wondering when reading the title of this article. The reality is that the process of both professionals is quite similar. Even the process of the designer can resemble many others, however, we will analyze it with respect to a doctor because they can come to be seen as totally opposite. Initially, a doctor receives your patient in his or her office. Regardless of gender, age or any other socio-demographic characteristic, the process is always the same. Afterwards, he asks the patient a series of questions in order to be told the symptoms that afflict him. Before this, the doctor must listen carefully to what they are telling him so that in this way he can make a proper analysis and make a prescription. Now, let’s look at the process of the designer. It meets with the client, who can also be of various types: multinational, startup or independent person. In the first approach it

BluePixel Named as one of the Mexico’s Top Designers Providers by Clutch

Our team over here at BluePixel has some exciting news to announce to all our loyal customers! The esteemed Clutch.co named us one of the top design companies in the world! They’re highlighting us for our work in UX/UI design. Investing in your business is incredibly important for improving your business to bring in better results! Clutch.co is located in the center of America’s capital city, just steps away from the Capitol building. They have a dedicated team of well-educated analysts who take the time to painstakingly independently review each and every client review they conduct, curating them so that buyers of B2B services can be confident in their purchase! That is why we’re so honored to have an amazing average on Clutch.co! We have many outstanding reviews, like this one from the founder on Invoicenet! These many great reviews have led Clutch, the leading platform for B2B learning, to name us as one of their top service providers in 2020! We’re honored to be highlighted by a s

Digitalization in Latin America

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, Latin America has seen the need to accelerate its digitization processes so that the negative impact that this situation has generated on the economies of each of the countries can be somewhat mitigated. However, it is no secret to anyone that, prior to this scenario, these processes in the region have been slow compared to the global landscape. Initially, this transition in Latin America is mainly reflected in companies. Many of these aim to digitize many of the processes both internal and external, however, they usually do so with some skepticism, because they are intangible processes in which an immediate result is not perceived. This means that, in many cases, companies do not devote sufficient efforts to innovate, grow and improve from the use of technology and that their attention is focused on this when those processes have worked and are generating positive results in other companies. It should be emphasized that the use of technolo