The 3 basic research methods you need to take into account before starting with UX design

 UX design is all about focusing on the user’s experience. We, as UX designers, need to make sure to fulfill their needs (even those they don’t know that exist), and go further than requested to be able to take a project into the next level. To do so, we need to have a strong understanding of each specific case previous to the designing stage. Hereby, we present you the 3 research methods you need to take into account before starting a UX design: 

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  1. Interviews: they are fundamental to obtaining qualitative information about the target audience the product is designed towards. Through the long answers, you can obtain a broad insight into the users general needs, and therefore, evaluate the best designing approach.

  1. Surveys: they consist mainly of short answer questions and are a great quantitative tool to know which elements could work best for specific aspects of the product. It is recommended to use this method when you already have a preestablished idea of what the product might look like, but need to polish certain details of it. 

  1. Field study: they let you get an insight into the real setting of the project, and therefore, have a clear idea of what needs to be the strengths of the product. Through this research method, you can obtain qualitative information in order to carry out the best design strategy for the work. 

Every successful project has an extensive research process behind it; thus, as UX designers, it is essential to carry out these methods beforehand in order to develop each product as best as possible. Remember, our success solely depends on how much time and effort we put into what we do.


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